Matthias Michael Beckmann - 5 string Cello Matthias Michael Beckmann - 5 string Cello


Stille Nacht! – 2OO Jahre Weltfriedenslied

This CD celebrates the anniversary in 2018, illustrating in music the story surrounding what is perhaps the loveliest – and certainly most famous – Christmas carol. The recordings were made in the places where Gruber and Mohr worked, where the carol originated, and from where it set out into the wide world. The CD  includes not only the original version, but also further pieces composed by Gruber for the Christmas period, seasonal texts by Joseph Mohr, and sacred songs and cantatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Michael Haydn.

Julia Arsentjeva, Sopran · Magdalena Rüker, Mezzosopran · Martin Mitterrutzner, Tenor · Rafael Fingerlos, Bariton · Jugendkantorei Salzburger Dom, Alexander Fussek, Sprecher · Julia Ammerer, Matthias Michael Beckmann, Cello · Sabine Kraus, Harfe · Christina Schorn, Gitarre · Virgil Steindlmüller OSB, Alexander Steinbacher, Orgel
Mozart Quartett Salzburg · Orchester der Salzburger Dommusik, Domkapellmeister János Czifra

Album Review

This CD marks the 200th anniversary, bringing to life the history surrounding what is perhaps the most beautiful, but certainly the most successful Christmas carol of all time.
A musical journey takes the listener through 15 places associated with Silent Night.
- Mozartiana Classics, Salzburg